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About me

I am Luca and I began my treatment journey 10 years ago by obtaining the Reiki Master, which was then enriched with Mediumship courses in South Africa, the Canary Islands and Austria.
Following a strong event that happened to me resulting in etheric fever throughout the body and therefore an increase in individual frequency, I carried out luminous essence treatments resulting in mediumistic messages for people.

Everything continued until the celestial activation where, with the appearance of luminous beams and geometries, I was informed to carry out White Seraphin Energy treatments for those who need them.
The development of these treatments took several months as the instructions and modalities evolve based on my personal expansion of consciousness and spiritual evolution.

I was then informed that following frequent high fevers and through breastfeeding, this luminous beam or fire began to flow and develop in my etheric body as a child and then manifested itself in my physical body later on.

I decided to walk this path because by charging the individual energy fields with brightness and bringing back the normal connection to the celestial field the person naturally returns to walking in their life fully, in turn bringing expansion and illumination where they go.
Because as many say, we are all One and One is all.

Good walk

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