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''The light propagates in the cosmos and is then reflected on our planet at an ever-increasing frequency, reporting, in a more or less conscious way, the need to reconnect with what we are, with the divinity and with the light that expands and dwells within each of us us because it is only by recognising what we are that we finally live, that we finally love that we finally are, with divine joy and heavenly grace, deeply in every instant and moment that life gives us.

Let's seize this opportunity with all of ourselves, which in the end is only what we are without space, without time, eternally''.

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''The light is in front of us, everything can be brought into our fields to be full divine extension to be sources of white and radiant light made of blessing and grace, which by irradiating brings us back to the normal re-balance within us taking us back from where we come from where we were born, where every step, if taken with divine consciousness, brings us moment by moment back to our center, to our birth.

By uniting these moments through a blessed thread of light, our existence becomes a unique extension of the concept of creation, becoming without separation a single vision of the divine concept that we are where every gesture, every breath, every look becomes an extension of the unique and present divine and we immersed in this space of light harmonized with the frequency of creation we harmonize, we sit on our divine extension and finally we return home.

Now We Live Now We are Re-born, fully with light in our hearts and blessings around us''.

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