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The Testimonials are concrete and direct proof of how the white Seraphin energy spreads, irradiating individual subtle fields, thus bringing harmony and bliss to those who experience its contact.

The propagation of this light wave brings clarity, peace and therefore great lightness to the heart.

The words of those who testify come from the heart, showing what the person is, also bringing benefit to those who listen or watch.



"I felt an inner peace, a silence of the mind with the arrival of a white and pure energy that left me with light, a different vibration, as if I had opened a field that allowed me to see and feel the energies, as if I had raised my vibrational frequency.

Since I did this treatment/session, I feel that a new field has opened up and today I can feel much more love and peace in my heart, much more lightness of spirit, which has allowed me to open up to a process of self-knowledge that I hadn't even had before, or cared about before. I feel much higher, my vibration is different and my perception of things, people, places, moments has broadened and opened up. Today I feel lighter, happier, more loving towards others.

It was definitely like an awakening moment in my life. It was the first alternative therapy I decided to do and it was a really important decision and a turning point. I can say that I am a person before and another person after therapy.

The messages I received were certainly useful for making decisions and reflecting.

I would recommend it to everyone, because this light treatment is so powerful, has so much energy, that you will definitely become a much more insightful person, and I am sure that this was the stimulus for the search for a new internal process of self-knowledge and of the search for individual spiritual evolution.''

Testimonianza di Kri


''I felt in a state of great bliss, a sensation of stillness of the spirit, enveloping serenity and heavenly love, from which I would never have wanted to escape.

This sensation remained in me for hours after the treatment, over time it faded but the state of calm has always remained in my daily life since the first treatment, despite the challenging dynamics and moments of stress; just as I felt I felt more love for myself, people and nature after the treatment.

Personal benefits characterized my person the most. As I was saying, my mood changed, the quiet, the serenity given was strong. On a physical level I noticed a greater brightness in me that is difficult to explain, even the people around me noticed this change. On a mental level I felt greater clarity and less overall tiredness. On a spiritual level a greater connection with the celestial field.

My life after the treatment has improved, partly as a result of my different approach to life itself, in a state of inner peace and I have also noticed how some human relationships have changed.

He has moved a lot in my life both professionally and privately.

The messages received were in some cases enlightening, they helped me to connect the dots, to clarify, to understand more about myself and my life.

I would recommend the treatment to anyone who wants to evolve, internally, in life and wants to grasp the connection with celestial love.

It's a treatment to evolve."

Testimonianza di Eleonora


''During the treatment I felt a great relaxation, an emptiness, you think you are thinking about many things but in reality you don't think about anything, you seem to live in that moment without thoughts, without worries, everything in harmony.

I felt welcomed, read, as if something or someone made me see deeply inside myself and helped me understand and bring out what wasn't needed.

Memories, loved ones or situations experienced in everyday life that I was afraid to face have resurfaced in me, issues that are verbalised to me later with clear communication.

What seemed difficult to overcome becomes much simpler and more fluid.

After a few days I put these ideas into practice spontaneously and without effort and, fully realising it, I behaved differently with people and environments around me.

I thank you deeply.'' 

Testimonianza di Noemi


''For me, knowing Luca meant discovering I Bagni di Luce.

They are moments of silence and listening in which the world outside stops and subtle waves arrive that impact the soul and conscience to the point of making you wonder if you are still in the earthly world sitting on the chair on which you started the treatment or if you have moved in a parallel circle of life.

The treatment does not stop when you do it, on the contrary, its effects have benefits especially in the days that follow and specifically the sensations are of extreme lightness, even in the face of problems, of inner peace and of an increasingly eager desire. to get closer to the Divine

You begin to perceive scents, odors, feelings, presences that until then you had not seen or felt because the listening frequency was much lower.

It is a moment in which sensations of peace arrive, causing an internal bodily vibration.

Meeting this Light or meeting a person loving enough to introduce you to it is not that different. When you come into contact with them, life changes.

The world no longer has dull and grey colours but acquires liveliness and brilliance in all its forms.

And from that moment on, you are no longer the same person.

The feeling is one of protection and serenity, with flashes of true, not ephemeral joy.

The idea is to be guided in actions and choices by a Higher Self, or perhaps it is your soul that does it because it has rediscovered its connection.

In short, absolutely worth trying and recommending.

And above all, not to be abandoned.

Thank you Luca for arriving on my spiritual path.''

Testimonianza di Gabriella


''I immediately felt a lot of warmth, a sense of peace and lightness, a sensation of well-being that I could define as a kind of bliss.

I received answers to questions I had been asking myself for some time and confirmation of some of my previous intuitions.

I am completely convinced that the treatment leads to a step forward on the spiritual path, which is why I highly recommend it with an open heart."

Testimonianza di Manuela


''I had the sensation as if light was raining around me, therefore a positive vibration, an immersion in light, a strong sense of protection, of being guided and not alone.

After the treatment I received a clear celestial message that enlightened me."

Testimonianza di Laura



''During the first treatment I experienced a lot of warmth and a greater connection to the celestial field. I felt a greater awareness of my person, a greater balance and centering, all of this was of great help to me.

The messages received helped me to understand some personal passages, some of the messages were immediately clear to me, others worked on a deeper level for some time.

I would recommend this treatment to all those who want to work on themselves and gratefully receive the celestial energy to which we are all linked.''

Testimonianza di Sara
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